Hypirio– Your Cleaning Partner

By embarking on this journey, we have given wings to our aspirations by making the tedious and time-consuming task of cleaning an exciting, easy, quick, and effective experience for all.


Hypirio is a brand launched by Shree Laxmi Chemsol Chemicals Pvt Limited. The parent company has been distributing cleaning products for schools, hospitals, hotels, and mid and small-scale industries for the last 5 years. For the first time, here we are, having introduced the hotel industry’s favourite cleaning products for domestic use under the brand name “Hypirio.”

Cleaning Should Put Smile On your Face

Cleaning is misunderstood as a laborious and humdrum activity, and we believe the wrong set of products can make you feel that way. We have also observed that most households use a one-for-all cleaning solution to clean every surface. Our research in the field has enabled us to gain helpful insights, and we have helped to devised a formula for each surface that need to be kept clean to promote a healthy and safe environment for your family.


Our high-quality cleaning products are the fruits of intense research. We have state-of-the-art solutions to clean and maintain your expensive designer tiles, chrome finish bathroom-kitchen fixtures, crafted furniture, modern kitchen essentials like ovens, grills, dishwashers, branded clothes, delicate home furnishing, and every piece and block where you have invested your hard-earned money.

Our Promise- Conscious Cleaning for a Better World

All our products are biodegradable,
eco-friendly, paraben-free, skin-friendly, pet-safe, and kid-friendly products. Unlike ordinary cleaning solutions, which are acid-based, oil-based, or ammonia-based, Hypirio stands true to its heritage of being environment-friendly. 

Our products are enzyme-based cleaners that can remove everything you hate and not damage what you love. 

Cleaning can be an abomination if you are very well acquainted with the unpleasant experience of inhaling toxic fumes when scrubbing. Hypirio products use plant-based ingredients, and all it leaves behind is a pleasant fragrance. Say goodbye to the overwhelming odors of ordinary cleaners and an unsightly acidic residue.

We strive to make the planet
safe for future generations and rely only on environment-friendly ingredients for the same reason.

Let’s unite hands and make your home, country, and the globe a habitable and healthy place.