Understanding The Science Of Deep Cleaning In Indian Households

No matter how well kept and maintained, every house becomes dirty. While there isn't only one way to clean your house or apartment, there is a better way to do it.

We may believe we know how to clean our homes, but it is worthwhile to invest in thoroughly inspecting our living environment for the presence of disease-causing bacteria. As the plague wears off and new dreams emerge, you should consider hiring home thorough cleaning services. Deep cleaning services provide numerous advantages for busy people who are short on time.

Deep cleaning before big occasions or even regularly has been an age-old practice in Indian households. Deep cleaning is a thorough, high-quality service that promises great outcomes when keeping your home clean. When you start deep cleaning, the house cleaning pros do more than just pick up the clutter and wipe off the flat surfaces. You complete a thorough cleaning operation that sanitises the entire space around you and eliminates potentially lethal pathogens.

Most of the chemical products we use to clean and maintain our houses include hazardous and poisonous components that can cause long-term health problems for the family. Furthermore, the manufacturing and disposal of these items contribute significantly to environmental contamination - pollutants in chemical cleaners can harm water bodies and marine organisms.

Choosing alkaline-based, non-toxic, and home-safe products is the best way to go about it.  Products from the home of Hypirio are exceptionally environmentally friendly. They provide an effective cleaning with a fragrant environment.


It is our job as civilised humans to keep the bathroom clean. The mirror, shower, vanity area, and toilets are all cleaned regularly. However, when you choose a complex, thorough cleaning service, more things in your bathroom are cleaned, such as:

  • Disinfection of the water basket
  • All knobs and appliances have been carefully cleaned.
  • Biochemical dangers are removed from medicine cabinets, and proper precautions are implemented.
  • Limescale removal is used to clean baseboards near moist areas.

In most cases, the invisible sickness is spread by contaminated food that has escaped conventional cleaning processes.

Products like Hypirios Toilet cum Bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner will come in handy. The products help deep clean using scientific methods to eliminate bacteria in your home. A home deep cleaning service will eliminate the majority of viruses, allowing you to sleep well knowing that your bathroom is clean.


Be honest! No matter how hard you try, that tenacious bacteria is always stuck under the table and in other difficult-to-reach spots.

Furthermore, bacteria can hide in a variety of areas in your kitchen. Filthy cabinets cause contamination of the food area. Furthermore, filth can accumulate on your household equipment, increasing the danger of food contamination and disease transmission. According to recent reports, filth gathered in the corners of the living space is the leading cause of hospitalisation, which could hurt your children's health.

Oven and Grill Cleaner, Dishwash Gel, Scale Remover, and Degrease Gel are all available from the house of Hypirio.

Any contaminants on your kitchen countertop might promote the growth of harmful germs, resulting in pricey medical expenditures. Regular cleaning aids in the removal of dirt in general, whereas deep cleaning services eliminate grime from counters.

Deep cleaning services have the following advantages for your kitchen. 

  • Appliances are deep cleaned using the safest ways possible while keeping electronic sensitivity in mind.
  • All backsplashes are cleaned properly using safe detergents that remove debris from wet surfaces.
  • Disinfection processes are carried out on kitchen appliances and switches. 

The Living Room

Regular cleaning services entail removing visible dust from common areas and wiping down all surfaces. Cleaning a living room can be difficult for many individuals since it requires shifting heavy furniture to reach the dust and filth beneath it. It's also challenging to clean the area's rugs and carpets.

However, deep cleaning your living room eliminates these disadvantages. A wide range of house deep cleaning services include the following:

  • Procedures for cleaning lamp shades,
  • Clean the glasses of your living room using Hypirio Glass Cleaner,
  • Cleaning the furniture,
  • scrubbing all the walls,
  • Cleaning of rugs and carpets.

Floor Cleaning

The floor has the most germs. Most households have a culture of wearing slippers inside the house. This causes a lot of germs to spread. The floor is an abode of germs as they are constantly being walked upon by many constantly.

People come from outside and bring in germs. Most houses nowadays have tiles or marble, and surface cleaners are needed. They maintain the shine and lustre of the tiles or the marble and prevent its wear and tear.

A concentrated formula like the Hypirio floor cleaner can help you remove resilient dirt and grime from the floor. It is safe for use on any tile, marble or concrete.


Even if you enjoy doing laundry, it can be a chore. Laundry is time-consuming if done incorrectly. We have all seen our parents wash clothes and have learnt from them. However, we have also seen them take extra care not to spoil their clothes. A lot of the difference happens with the products we use.  

Using products that are cloth friendly and do not wash away the colour is important. Our clothes need extra care, providing them with cleansers that are not so harsh on them.

Hypirio detergent gets, and liquid helps to maintain the shine of your clothes. It helps remove stains that are hard to remove and does not damage clothes. Alkaline-based products help to dissolve the oil, dirt and grime and leave behind a pleasant fragrance in the end.


Deep cleaning eliminates dirt, harmful germs, and viruses in your living environment. Compared to a general cleaning service, such thorough disinfection inevitably takes a long time.

Your hard work will only give results if you use the right products. Choose wisely as someone who will look into deep cleaning while not harming the environment. You may check out Hypirio products here. They are available in a wide range of various sizes. You may buy the jars(5L) or the spray bottles (500mL) to try and see how effectively it cleans your home.

Deep cleaning entails a lot of careful effort. With Hypirio, you may be confident that your home will smell and appear clean thanks to the tireless work of deep home cleaning. Do check our updates on Instagram to know more.