Don't Buy Floor Cleaners in India If You Don't Know This!

Just like human characteristics, floor dust has many layers to it!

Jokes apart, the phrase floor cleaner includes so many different complications and challenges to it: “tiles cleaning,” “wooden floor cleaning,” “floor tile grout cleaning,” “food stain cleaning,” “disinfecting & deep cleaning”: the list will go on!

Are you sure you are using the right floor cleaner that is efficient enough to fight all the different floor stains of a regular Indian household?

Think again!

Hypirio has introduced scientifically tested alkaline floor cleaning products to remove dirt and stains. Besides, they have aromatic ingredients to give you a good sensation.

Hypirio has come up with two bestselling floor cleaning products: Floor Cleaner H7 (multipurpose cleaner best for hard surfaces including tiles, concrete, paver brick, and quarry tiles) and Hygenic Hard Surface Remover H2 (Hygenic hard surface remover best for wet mopping and scrubbing).

Aren’t all floor cleaners the Same?

As your floor receives constant foot traffic, it easily attracts dust, dirt, and other contaminants. So, regular cleaning is essential for your floor surface. But not all floor materials are the same. That is why choosing the right floor cleaner is a must.

The market is saturated with various floor cleaners. Depending on the floor material, you can choose the floor cleaning options.

-         Floor Cleaners for Laminate Flooring,

For instance, laminate flooring is durable and moisture-resistant. However, to clean laminate floors, you need to avoid products that cause streaks. Hypirio’s alkaline-based cleaner is a great option to restore your floor’s aesthetics and maintain hygiene.

-         Floor Cleaners for Vinyl Flooring

Some homeowners have chosen vinyl flooring, as it is easy to maintain. But, if you treat your vinyl floor with harsh chemicals, it may damage the surface. The best cleaning product from Hypirio not only protects your floor and saves you from potential chemical reactions.

-         Floor Cleaners for Stone Flooring

Many Indian households also have stone floors, which are highly elegant and resilient. Still, natural stones are unsafe to treat with bleach and other similar cleaning agents. However, Hypirio’s floor cleaners do not contain such ingredients and ensure safe cleaning for different floor materials.

You might have seen both acidic and alkaline floor cleaners in the market. But, Hypirio’s alkaline-based cleaners are highly beneficial.

So, Why Should You Choose Alkaline Cleaning Solutions?

As most soils are acidic, alkaline cleaning agents are highly effective. Using alkaline cleaners, you can remove greases, fats, oils, proteins, and other types of soils. Alkaline-based floor cleaners from Hypirio-

  • Ensure optimal grease and dirt removal
  • Dry fast
  • Contain biodegradable ingredients
  • Have a refreshing and pleasing fragrance

Whether it is a tile or concrete floor, alkaline cleaners provide you with superior cleaning performance.

You can use Hypirio’s products regardless of any cleaning method:

  • Mop Sweeping- It removes dust, grit, and sand from the floor.
  • Spot Mopping- It conserves the floor surface by removing spills like juices.
  • Wet-Mopping- You can apply the wet-mopping technique to remove heavy to light soil from the floor.
  • Degreasing- Degreasing is a process of removing oil and grease from the surface. You can choose a heavy-duty degreasercontaining potassium hydroxide for the best results.

Floor Chemical pH- Technical Term that Must be Familiar in every Household:

 Using the right floor cleaner is a part of your floor maintenance routine. While choosing your floor cleaning products, you must recognize the pH value of the solution. 

The pH value ranges from 0 to 14. So, if it is 7, the cleaning agent is neutral. The acidic products have a pH value ranging from 0 to 6. On the other hand, a cleaning chemical with an 8 to 14 pH value is alkaline. You must not confuse the product’s chemical strength with the pH level.

Based on the pH value, there are three types of cleaners- Neutral, acidic, and alkaline.

How Choosing the ideal Floor Cleaner Options will make a Difference?

Understanding your floor condition and material is essential to determine the most effective cleaner. Every type of floor cleaning material must be treated differently. The right cleaning products clean the surface, remove stains, protect the materials, and meet your maintenance needs.

On the contrary, wrong cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals and highly acidic components damage your floor. So, clean your floor regularly with a quality cleaning solution and then rinse the surface thoroughly. Hypirio’s floor cleaning agents are a perfect solution for different types of floors.

How Do Premium Quality Floor Cleaners Benefit You?

Find the reasons below.

  • Ensure Long-Lasting Protection-

The high-quality floor cleaning solution can prevent the growth of viruses and germs on the surface. On the contrary, low-grade cleaners lose their effectiveness within a short period. So, choose a floor cleaner with an antimicrobial formulation.

  • Repel Insects Naturally-

Your kitchen floor may attract disease-causing bugs like ants and cockroaches. Bug sprays may only sometimes be effective. So, choosing a floor cleaner with insect-repelling ability is a good idea.

  • Create A Fresh And Pleasing Environment-

Fragrance of a quality cleaning product keeps your floor from unpleasant odors. Hypirio’s products are available with pungent and citrus fragrances.

Does The Appropriate Selection Also Help Increase Floor Life?

Cleaning your floor surface prevents the spread of life-threatening contaminants. At the same time, it extends your floor surface. Small sharp objects, rocks, and dirt may cause abrasion to the floor. Your floor materials will get cracked and fall apart. That is why you must choose a cleaning agent to maintain your floor’s longevity. 

Moreover, highly acidic cleaners are not safe for some flooring materials. So, alkaline cleaners with a perfect pH value are the best option. 

Best Floor Cleaner Option for  Residential/Commercial/Industrial Spaces:

If you are looking for high-quality floor cleaners for your residential or commercial spaces, you can choose from Hypirio’s product lines.

    This floor cleaner from Hypirio is a disinfectant. Add a cup of the liquid solution to a bucket of water. A few characteristics of the cleaner-

    • Remove oil, grease, fatty acids, and protein-based soils
    • Citrus smell
    • Formula based on sodium carbonate
    • Has an enzyme to activate acidic pH

    • A multi-purpose cleaner
    • Citrus smell
    • Formula based on sodium carbonate
    • Disinfect floor
    • Remove grease and grime
    • Best for any flooring material

      • A degreaser as well as a floor cleaner
      • Pungent smell
      • Formula based on potassium hydroxide
      • Best for floors and walls
      • Remove synthetic oil and grease

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      ●       What are degreasers?

      Degreasers are liquid cleaning solutions to remove dirty messes from the floor surface. They are different from pH-neutral cleaners and are used for aggressive cleaning purposes.

      ●       Can I remove stains from the floor?

      Fat-based or grease stains are removable from the floor surface. Some homeowners use water and soda to remove stains. However, Hypirio’s non-abrasive cleaners effectively make your floor stain-free without damaging the materials.

      ●       How are alkaline cleaners different from acidic ones?

      Most cleaning solutions, including Hypirio’s products, are alkaline. They are good for removing stains, dirt, and greases. On the other hand, acidic cleaners work on calcium buildups and rust spots.

      ●       How often should I clean floors?

      You must clean floors every 1 to 2 weeks. Kitchen floors should be cleaned more frequently.