Different Kinds of Stains You Need to Clean in Indian Homes

You have invested significantly in your dream home. Right? You have
installed furniture and painted the walls with attractive colours. But what
happens when your house has stains at different sites?

These blemishes or dirt spots can be an eyesore and make your home look
dirty and unhealthy. These stubborn stains can be divided into different
categories and are signs of an Unhygienic Environment. Treating stains with
the wrong chemical can worsen and lead to irreversible surface damage.

Therefore, you need to know the details about different kinds of stains and
their origin and then use the ideal cleaning product for permanent removals.

Hypirio - your best cleaning partner, has conducted a detailed study on all the
different types of stains in an Indian household and has designed its products
accordingly to treat even the most stubborn signs in seconds.

Let’s go through the details for different stains and find out which product
best fits your cleaning budget.

Common Bathroom Stains Damaging the Aesthetics:

Your bathrooms or restrooms provide much-needed privacy. But, due to your
regular use, your bathrooms gather a lot of germs, dirt and stains. Especially
the walls and tiles get drenched in limescale, rust stains, and other stains of
water and residues when not appropriately treated. Common bathroom
stains include:

# Hard Water Stains / Red Stains

Hard water can result in brown-coloured stains that are not easy to remove.
As this water contains magnesium and calcium, it leaves brown spots on the
surface of walls and floors when left for a longer time. A thin layer of these
elements may not cause prominent and visible spots on the surface.

Reddish spots indicate iron in your water. Corroded pipes or pipes not
cleaned frequently may pose this issue. Hard Water Stains can lead to
permanent shine damage on fixtures if not treated timely. You can prevent it
by using iron removal systems and alkaline-based cleaning products.

But, if you do not remove their deposits, you will find stubborn brown spots
that damage the overall look and shine of the affected area.

How to Use Hypirio Tap Cleaner to Instantly Remove Hard Water Stains?

One of the best techniques to quickly get rid of hard water stains is using an
alkaline-based bathroom cleaning product that maintains the shine and
texture of your fixtures.

Hypirio Tap Cleaner is an alkaline-based solution that works magically on
hard-water stains, soap scums and scaling.
● Spray the solution on the affected area.
● Leave it for 2-3 minutes.
● Wipe it off with a slightly wet cotton cloth to get back the shine.

# Green, Orange, Yellow And Black Rings In Toilet Bowls-

Those who live in humid regions in India may have experienced mould and
mildew issues. They will also notice green, black, and orange spots on their
toilets and seats. So, these are signs of the growth of microorganisms.

You should keep your bathrooms well-ventilated to avoid the problem and
clean these spots regularly to avoid rough stains.It is advised to clean toilet
bowl stains every 2-3 days to eliminate any chances of permanent layer

Shop Hypirio Toilet Bowl Cleaner To Remove Yellow Stains Without Extra Efforts

Hypirio Toilet Bowl Cleaner is your perfect cleaning partner for stubborn
yellow stains on your toilet seat.

● Apply the liquid to the affected area.
● Spread and scrub it with a brush.
● Leave the liquid for 2 minutes and clean it with a brush.
● Flush the liquid for the perfect shine.

This alkaline-based solution contains no harsh fumes and helps extricate dirt,
grime and buildup from the surface without damaging the shine of fixtures.

Your Bathroom Cleaning Avengers –Hypiro Bathroom Cleaners

Bathroom stains are stubborn, and harsh chemicals used on them often
degrade the overall surface quality and shine of your chrome polished or
other deluxe accessories. Therefore, it is advised to wash and clean these
bathroom stains regularly with a competent cleaning agent that cleans and
maintains the shine.


Best for Price Benefits
Hypirio Toilet
Bowl Cleaner
Removes Yellow stains
on the toilet bowl.
Rs. 190/- A thick cleaning
formula with no
harsh fumes.
Hypirio Tap
Removes hard-water
stains, soap scums and
Rs. 249/- Alkaline-based
solution that
removes stubborn
hard-water stains
without damaging
the shine.
Hypirio Cleaner
Removes tough stains on
bathroom tiles.
Rs. 299/- Easy to use and
contains a
pungent smell
with a sparkling
Hypirio Cleaner
Removes tough stains on
bathroom tiles.
Rs. 149/- All-purpose
bathroom cleaner
with a thick gel
that stays longer.
Hypirio Glass
Cleaner (5 LTR)
Removes glass spots and
stains within seconds.
Rs. 643/- Works magically
on all glass
surfaces and
leaves an aqua


Stains Found in Indian Kitchen Households:

A dirty kitchen with stains, bacteria and germs makes the environment
unhealthy. It is unsafe to cook food in such a kitchen as unhygienic surfaces
increase the risk of food contamination. From kitchen countertops to
cabinets and walls, every part should be spick-and-span.

Main Causes Of Kitchen Stains- Grease And Food 

Although you love cooking delicious foods, your kitchen countertops and
kitchenware are susceptible to food stains. For instance, tea or coffee stains
may be persistent and pesky. If you do not remove the spills quickly, you will
find stains.

Again, oily food can leave greasy stains on your utensils. Pieces of sweets left
on the floor may also cause blemishes and invite harmful germs to your
kitchen floor styles.

Best Kitchen Stain Removal Products from Hypirio:

Hypirio has introduced different products to keep your kitchen and
kitchenware stain-free. As you use your utensils and kitchenware every day,
they need a thorough cleaning.

Multiple Kitchen Cleaner Options for different kitchen stains provided by
Hypirio are:

Hypirio Dishwasher Gel or Spray for Utensils:

Hypirio Dishwasher Gel (Rs. 105/-)is the best alternative for replacing ordinary
dish wash bar. The magical 3-on-1 formula removes stains from utensils,
sanitises the surface and leaves a lasting lemon fragrance.

The Hypirio Dishwasher Spray (Rs. 199/-) bottle is favourite of all. Washing
utensil even with your well groomed nails is now possible with this no muss
and fuss dish washing sprays.

Some benefits of the dishwasher gel and spray are-

● Dissolves with tough stains
● Available at a reasonable price
● Fragrant products with the power of citrus.

Hypirio Oven and Grill Cleaner:

Hypirio Oven and Grill Cleaner (5 LTR for Rs. 1468/-) help remove fats, oils,
greases, burnt stains, food deposits and carbon deposits from grill and oven
surfaces. After cleaning, it leaves a pungent smell and keeps the surface

Stains On The Furniture-

Even though you have invested in premium furniture, stains can damage its
beauty. Your new furniture may appear old due to spots and dirt. So, cleaning
your furniture should be a part of your routine.

Types Of Stains On Furniture – 

The most common furniture stains are-

Blushing is a white haze caused by old lacquer and shellac finishes.
Especially moisture is responsible for discolouration.
Fingerprints- If you touch your furniture with dirty and greasy hands, it
can leave fingerprints.
Paw Prints- Pet owners should be careful, as their pets can leave marks
on their paws on the upholstery furniture.

Alkaline-Based Furniture Cleaner by Hypirio:

To maintain the new look of your furniture, you can invest in Hypirio furniture cleaners. Hypirio Furniture Maintainer H4 (5LTR for Rs. 1655/-) removes almost
any type of stains and dirt. It-

● Leaves no residues
● Protects your furniture 
● It leaves a pleasant fragrance.

The alkaline-based solution is best known for removing fingerprints, water
sports, contaminants and other stains from your furniture.

Spots on Floors- 

Indian households mostly have concrete and tiled floors. Although these floor
surfaces are durable, stains affect their beauty, shine and overall texture.

Reasons For Spots And Blemishes On Floors – 

Your floor surface receives high traffic, so it quickly becomes dirty. You can
find stains of-

● Muddy shoes
● Spills of liquids like milk and juices
● Stains of foods (such as sauces)
● Moulds

Best Products For Tough Stain Removal –

Hypirio has designed a multi-purpose Floor Cleaner H7, available in three
different variants-

500 ML - Rs. 99/-
500 ML (Pack of 2)- Rs. 199/-
5 LTR - Rs. 866/-

You can clean any hard surface made from concrete, bricks, and tiles from
this alkaline-based solution that disinfects the surface and maintains the
overall shine of the expensive installations.

Heavy-duty degreasers and hard surface removers are also effective for stain

Unique Characteristics Of The Best Home Cleaning Products – 

Hypirio aims to provide a luxury cleaning experience and has implemented
some distinctive techniques in its products-

● Cruelty-free products,
● Provide instant cleaning solutions,
● Made from safe ingredients.

If you’ve invested in premium furniture or materials for your home, then
Hypirio Cleaning Products are a must-buy for you.

Hypirio Cleaning Products Combo at Best Deals -

Pack of 3-

 Name of Combo Volume Price
Bathroom Spray + Tap
Cleaner + Floor Cleaner
500 ML Each Rs. 647/-
Bathroom Gel + Floor
Cleaner + Glass Cleaner
500 ML Each Rs. 337/-
Detergent + Dishwash Gel
+ Bathroom Gel
500 ML Each Rs. 453/-


Pack of 2-

Name of Combo Volume  Price
Detergent + Bathroom
500 ML Each Rs. 498/-
Bathroom Gel + Tap
500 ML Each Rs. 398/-
Bathroom Spray + Tap
500 ML Each Rs. 548/-
Bathroom Spray + Glass
500 ML Each Rs. 368/-



Cleaning your home is a part of your daily routine. Without a maintenance
schedule, your house will have stains and grimes at different sites.

Not addressing or cleaning these stains for a long time can have lasting, non-
reversible changes to your materials’ texture and shine. Considering cleaning
hassle in between hectic schedules, Hypirio has made cleaning a luxury
experience, an ideal cleaning product for every busy household.

Check out our products list or connect with our experts to know more.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are stains from dirt permanent?

Dirt and mud will inevitably leave stains. If not treated properly, the stains
may become permanent. Therefore, you need to be vary particular while
selecting the type of cleaning product, and Hypirio’s cleaning guide has all
the specifications listed for your ease.

Why should I be careful when choosing floor cleaners?

Harsh floor cleaners may have a damaging effect on the floor’s shine and
tecture, leaving a damaging effect on the overall surface. Hypirio addresses
this widely-faced issue and manufactures alkaline-based products that helps
with easy and efficient cleaning process.

How often should I clean the walls?

It is best to clean your walls every six months. But you can create your routine
for wall cleaning to avoid any residue or hard spots.