Cleaning Guide On Maintaining Expensive Home Interiors

Building a luxurious home is a costly affair. But maintaining the luxury of your home involves dedication and effort. Like other ordinary houses, your high-end home interior attracts dirt and grimes. Without maintenance, you will find stains at different sites. So, how will you take care of your expensive home interiors and remove dirt?

A brief guide from Hypirio Cleaning Experts will be helpful to you.

How Often Should You Clean Your Luxury Home?

You need to do basic cleaning tasks almost every day. Dusting the interiors and sanitising daily-use products will help eliminate germs and stains.

But not every household items need deep cleaning frequently. Some huge or less-used items can be cleaned in a week or two to remove dust and other residues.

You can clean bowls and sinks, wipe away bathroom floor surfaces, and treat kitchen countertops daily. Again, dusting furniture and cleaning beddings are your weekly activities.

Moreover, monthly cleaning chores involve cleaning your washing machines, blinds, light fixtures, and fans. Some homeowners also give importance to seasonal cleaning to prepare for a festive environment. 

Which things should be cleaned daily?

As your luxury home has costly items, you must regularly clean and disinfect them. Daily cleaning also makes your house free from harmful bacteria and germs. A few things that need your attention every day are-

  • Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops
  • Dining Room Table
  • Bathroom Counters
  • Crumb-Covered Floors
  • Shower Walls

Finding different cleaning agents for each item can be a hassle and lead to increased household expenses. Hypirio understands the need for cleaning with busy schedules and has designed an environment and fixture-safe all-in-1 alkaline-based cleaning solution for your multiple chores.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning Your Expensive Home Interiors

Make Your Home Clutter-Free-

Making your luxury home clutter-free is the first step for maintenance. A clean and organised home interior gives a more pleasant feeling than a messed-up house. So, you need to discard those things which are no longer helpful to you.

Start Cleaning Your Floor

Whether it is a concrete or tiled surface, each floor surface gets dirty within the shortest time. Although your floor surface may have a protective sealer, you should focus on thorough cleaning. 

Most Indians habitually mop their floor surfaces simply with water and a soapy solution. Hypirio has scientifically formulated floor cleaners with sodium carbonate and some other ingredients. Add a cup of Hypirio cleaning agent to your bucket of water. This solution not only removes stains but also disinfects your floors.

How does Hypirio floor cleaner work?

Hypirio has used sodium carbonate, a type of strong base to neutralize cations, which are responsible for hard water. Thus, as a solvent, sodium carbonate helps with removal of stains.

Focus On The Stains On The Walls:

If the walls of your high-end home look dull and dirty, they damage the overall beauty. Most commonly, your walls have different types of stains. 

  • Oil or grease,
  • Water stains,
  • Pen and pencil,
  • Stains from markers,
  • Stains due to improper paint,
  • Black marks of moulds on the walls..

If addressed within the timeline, these stains can be removed with an alkaline-based solution, and Hypirio has a solution for every Indian household or commercial stain.

Clean The Glass Panes Of Your Windows

You may have installed glass windows for your luxury homes. However, the glass panels of your windows will become dirty and grimy. If left untreated, you may find stains on your glass panes.

Dirt particles enter the tiny pores of glass and corrode your windows. Ultimately, you will find cracks and scratches on the surface. Thus, cleaning the windows ensures the longevity of the glass panes and frames.

But aggressive cleaning agents damage your glass. Hypirio Glass Cleaner is the best product to treat your glass panels and mirrors. Available in liquid form, this cleaning agent provides lasting value and leaves no marks on the wiped surface.

The science behind Hypirio glass cleaner

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the major ingredient used for this product. SLS works as a surfactant in the cleaning product. It also helps emulsify and solubilize oils so that it will be easy to rinse away. Hypirio’s glass cleaner is a fragrant solution that leaves no marks on the surface.

Clean Your Bedding And Curtains

Unwashed curtains, bed linens, and pillow covers result in respiratory issues, viral infection, and other health hazards. Cleaning your window’s curtains removes dirt buildups. Harmful particles, including pet dander, dust, dirt, and pollens, affect your health adversely. Fabrics of your curtains trap dust mites every day. So, you should never avoid cleaning these household items.

Hypirio Liquid Detergent Gel is the best product to clean different types of fabrics. So, you can also treat your curtains and bedding with this product.

Formula of the detergent gel-

Hypirio has used a special enzyme, which helps with the breakdown and removal  of organic soils. It is also effective in minimizing the bio burden. The detergent gel is a 3-in-one solution, which acts as a

  • Shiner
  • Softener
  • Stain remover

The fabric cleaner of Hypirio has

  • Lavender fragrance,
  • Remove the stains,
  • Contain enzyme, potassium hydroxide, and some other ingredients,
  • Never damage your delicate fabrics.

All you need to do is pour the liquid on the stained or affected area, leave it for a few seconds, rub it gently and wash. If you use a washing machine, pour the liquid into the container and rinse the clothes to cleaner and shinier clothes. 

Never Miss The Ugly Spots In Your Kitchen

A dirty and messy kitchen drains your energy. Some homeowners also use their kitchens as dining space. Thus, keeping the kitchen clean and dirt-free is important. Most Indian kitchens have-

  • Stains on the oils,
  • Grease marks on the countertops,
  • Dust inside the cabinets,
  • Greasy utensils, grills, and microwave oven.

To keep your kitchen clean, you can check for the following Hypirio products-

  • The Oven And Grill Cleaner ensures instant emulsification of the baked-on greases, fats, and carbon deposits. It contains sodium hydroxide, which has the power of removing fat buildups and hard grease.
  • Soluble Dishwasher Gel to sanitise your kitchen surfaces and remove oil from utensils, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate used in the formula has excellent detergency.
  • Scale Remover to treat stainless steel and ceramic surfaces. It also contains Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate remove soil and rust.

Clean The Furniture, Including The Upholstery-

Both metal and wooden furniture pieces need to be cleaned properly. Your sofa, chair, desk, and other furnishings need proper cleaning. Fingerprints and other stains affect the beauty of your furniture. That is why you can invest in Hypirio Furniture Cleaner, which

  • Is easy to use
  • Leaves no residues
  • Removes any type of marks

Made of Silicon Compound, the furniture cleaner will add a fresh fragrance.

Fill Your Room With Pleasant Aroma-

Pleasing and fresh indoor air is essential for staying healthy. Although you have cleaned every part of your house, you must use an air freshener. It creates a pleasing sensation in the indoor environment.

Hypirio Air Freshener is unique in different ways.

  • It is a water-based solution.
  • It acts as a deodoriser as well as an air freshener
  • It has a floral fragrance
  • Used for both home and car

Hypirio has added lecontinental and lemon to create the formula of the freshener. The pleasing aroma in your room will give you a good sensation.


You must not avoid cleaning your stuff because you have invested a significant amount in your high-end home. From floors to furnishings, everything needs your attention. So, create your cleaning schedule to maintain the aesthetic value of your house.

However, your first step is to invest in Hypiro’s alkaline-based cleaning products that effectively treat different items. Check out the list of cleaning products on the website to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I deep clean my house?

Dirt and grimes make your home unhealthy and hazardous. A standard cleaning process may only sometimes make your house 100% dirt-free. That is why deep cleaning with Hypiria cleaning products will be the safest alternative.  

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Cleaning is a way to remove dirt, germs, and crumbs from the surface. But, it does not kill germs and microorganisms. On the contrary, disinfecting is a method for damaging harmful germs. However, Hypirio floor cleaner is a strong disinfectant and provides the best value.